Project Betty

My first project for the new blog will be cooking my way through Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.


This cookbook dates back to 1950, and was published by General Mills. One can see pictures of the Betty Crocker test kitchens, which even sported an Early American-style dining room.

The Picture Cook Book was obviously meant to be a handy tool for new housewives, as the list of terms used in cooking are in the front of the book, as well as a list of essential tools one should have in every kitchen.

My first recipe for Project Betty is not an appetizer. It’s a page called “Confections,” and has several recipes using General Mills products. Pictures and recipe coming soon. Watch this space!


New Beginnings

Time moved on, and I neglected this website. There were many reasons why, which we won’t get into here.

However, I have decided to revamp this site, and start over again.

I am hoping to start this week. Won’t you join me?


When I was a wee lass, my mother had an old cookbook that I loved to look at. I read it like a novel, running my fingers over the badly-cracked spine as I read about sweetbreads and wondered what they were.

As I got older, I learned at my grandmother’s elbows as she stood and I kneeled on a chair in her kitchen, rolling up meatballs and watching them sizzle in the frying pan.

As many books slide into public domain, I snatch at the cookbooks, laughing at some things, cringing at others.

I’ve been wanting to make some historic recipes for a long time, but something held me back. But I like hobbies, and I’m in need of a new one, so why not this?

My friend The Amateur Domestic Goddess is beginning her journey through the Good Housekeeping Cookbook of 1963. If possible, I wanna get more historic.

I might skip around in cookbooks. I have many to choose from, and some are just one theme, so we don’t want to get in a rut!

Some ground rules:
1. There will always be pictures of what I make.
2. I will attempt at least a bite.
3. I will not make a recipe if it’s out of my budget. If the ingredient is a bit pricey, I might see if I can do a few recipes with it, so as not to waste money. At any rate, I’ll still post the recipe.
4. I do not do organ meats, so don’t expect any of those to crop up here.
5. I will try to make at least one item a week. We’ll see how that schedule goes!

Won’t you join me in my culinary adventure?