I coulda had a V8 – Tomato Cocktails

If you’re a clever wife, you have an appetizing cocktail to serve your world-weary husband when he trudges home from the office. This is according to Betty Crocker, that is.

With cocktails like these, it’s a wonder more husbands didn’t strangle their wives!

Let’s have some tomato juice!!

Add a little salt, lemon juice, a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and onion juice to tomato juice. Serve cold or hot.

On my best days, I don’t like tomato juice all that much. But I love tomato soup (preferably with a grilled cheese sandwich). Go figure. Anyway, instead of making a whole glass of this, I pulled out some shot glasses and made tomato shooters.

3. Tomato Cocktails

The devil one is rather appropriate in this instance . . .

Anyway, I put all of the above as directed into a shot glass, with the exception of onion juice, as I didn’t have any onions on hand, and – down the hatch!

Um, put some steak sauce in your mouth, and then place a slice of tomato next to it, and chew it up together. That’s what this was. With lemon. It was WEIRD. I cannot imagine drinking an entire glass of this.

Here’s another one:

Combine equal parts tomato juice and bouillon (dilute canned bouillon or use cubes with boiling water). Serve hot.

I only had chicken bouillon in the pantry, so I let a cube dissolve in a cup of hot water, and then poured half a shot full of bouillon, then topped it with tomato juice. The juice was room temperature, so this was even stranger. And salty as hell. Granted, I’ve had a cup of chicken or beef bouillon when I’ve been ill and not very hungry, but I would never add tomato to it.

It’s not a taste sensation. At all.


One thought on “I coulda had a V8 – Tomato Cocktails

  1. I just don’t understand these old obsessions with tomato juice cocktails like this. Did they have Bloody Mary’s back then? Was this the start? I had to try the tomato juice/bullion cube mixture in the cookbook I’m on. I ………. just didn’t get it at all. So gross.

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