Wheaties Ting-a-Lings

As I stated in my last post, even before our appetizers in the Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book, we have a page entitled “Confections,” and it’s all sugary treats.

I picked something relatively easy as I was pressed for time this week. Therefore, I present Wheaties Ting-a-Lings.

1. Wheaties Ting-a-Lings

Melt over hot water 2 7-oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate pieces (or 1/2 lb. sweet chocolate with 2 oz. unsweetened). Cool at room temperature. Gently stir in until well-coated 4 cups WHEATIES. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto waxed paper. Place in refrigerator until chocolate is set, dry, and hard (about 2hr).

Wheaties is a very bland cereal, so blending it with chocolate is an excellent idea. As you can see, they’re hard to really photograph, because they’re not very sexy-looking. In retrospect, I probably could have used an ice-cream scoop to make more perfect mounds. I did not use the double-boiler method; instead, I sprayed a microwave-safe bowl with non-stick cooking spray and melted the chocolate that way. After the sweets hardened, they have a nice, crunchy consistency. Everyone liked these! I would definitely make these again. You probably could make these with corn flakes, too.

There are some other confections on these pages, but we’ll bookmark them for later. Onward to appetizers!


One thought on “Wheaties Ting-a-Lings

  1. You know – I had similar things like this growing up at a lot of church functions. There always seemed to be some older lady that would bring some sort of cereal mixed with something, a’la Rice Krispie Treats. I’ll have to give these a go and relive some childhood memories!

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